Dead Serious Clowning


Txi Whizz has been a professional stage clown for more than 45 years, perpetrating Fools Theatre. She brings a wealth of experience to her performances and generously shares her clowning skills in performance workshops with people of all skill levels.

A Multidisciplinary Artist And Performer

Txi Whizz as Ethyl.

Txi Whizz is a true Renaissance Woman. She is equally qualified showing her  photo collages at an art gallery in Toronto as she is in Patagonia giving an iconic performance at the Clown Festival in El Bolson, Argentina.

Physical Theatre

Dance of Life, clown performance workshop in San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico.

Performance is at the core of Txi´s teaching. The intention of Txi Whizz's performance workshops is to train performers  to generate genuine and powerful performance. Txi encourages her students to daringly collaborate with other artists.